Take A.I.H.M. At Depression

Posted by Baszia S on

How Does Depression Manifest In Your Reality?  It may feel like a perfectly made bed in the middle of the messiest room or that afterthought of guilt following binge eating to fill consistently empty spaces. It's waking up and going back to sleep because you lack the energy to get up, shower, or even to eat. It's feeling numb in the midst of a storm or a brief moment of pure bliss immediately crowded by thoughts of judgement and fear.  Outwardly, it may even look like laziness, complacency, sadness, and self-destructive behavior.

Mental depression manifests in the physical realm usually beginning with thoughts that become reality when reinforced by negative emotions which can take the form of weight gain, acne flare ups, moodiness, anger, self-hate, etc.

Mental health is complex and treatment of depression is best addressed with the help of a licensed professionals and the support of personal allies, but the first footfall in any treatment journey is in self-care.  Anything that works to help you perceive the space you are or the feelings you are experiencing as temporary;  not the sum total, but only parts of the whole you. Recycle that negative energy into something positive and use it for your own good.

Develop a daily A.I.H.M. regimen to prime your mental and physical to recapture your inner ZENSAVAGE:
  • Activate - Exercise, even if only 10-15 minutes a day. I prefer yoga and cycling, but anything to get the blood flowing works. It helps burn carbs your body stores to use the fat for fuel and it also helps relieve stress and create clear head space.
  • Intake - Did you know you truly are what you eat. Foods you consume can have an effect on your mental health or your mood. With nutritional care and practice you can become more attuned to which foods positively fuel your body and which foods slow that process down causing you to feel more sluggish or irritable (carbs and high processed sugars and meats are a common culprit!).
  • Hydrate - Drink your first 16oz. when you awake. H2O is liquid electricity; it's important fuel to help wake your organs and flush toxins from your system. Other benefits of consuming water first thing in the morning are improved metabolism, weight loss, heartburn and indigestion. It also promotes healthy hair, skin and nails. Get it? Drink more water!
  • Meditate - learn to identify and let go of negative soul ties, whether physical things or mental. These affect the psyche, and sometimes like junk in your email, you just gotta clean that sh*t out.

How will you A.I.H.M. to manifest your best self?

Cultivate Your New Experience.